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Fravashi Academy, Nashik

This is an English Medium School founded in 1981 by Mr. Ratanshaw S. Luth. It is managed by the R. S. Luth Education Trust. The school is recognized by the Education Department, Maharashtra State. It prepares students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE).

Very Important : Kindly Note

  • Please read and STRICTLY follow all the rules written in the school diary, to the letter.
  • Any breach in following the rules of the school will invite disciplinary action from the Management.
    • Conduct of the parents. (towards school Staff)
    • Conduct of the child. (in school and out of school)
    • Academics – If even after repeated efforts made, and warnings and chances given, to improve the child's performance, if the child fails to perform and respond well, the parents will have to accept whatever decision is taken by the School Management regarding the same.
    • Caste Certificate (If applicable) - Submission of photocopy only.


  • Pupils applying for admission are, as a rule, subjected to an entrance test.
  • For admission into Pre-Primary and Std. I the Municipal birth certificate's attested photocopy must be Submitted.
  • A candidate who has attended a recognized school will not admitted without a Leaving Certificate from the school he/she last attended. In case the candidate comes from a school outside NASHIK, the certificate must be countersigned by the local Education Officer, where the previous school is situated.
  • If you belong to S.C., S.T., N.T, O.B.C., VJ.N.T, etc. Please produce an attested photocopy of the child's caste certificate, along with the original.
  • No pupil less than six years of age is admitted to the first standard. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for successive standards.
  • Notice of withdrawal should be given in writing on the prescribed form, available at the Office. The exact date of withdrawal must be mentioned. After this date the child will stop coming to school.
  • The leaving certificate will be issued after all dues are paid.
  • Fees will not be reimbursed once paid.
  • Issue of certificates (leaving, bonafide etc) from the office will take at least a week after the written application has been submitted.
  • Kindly ensure to provide all information related to the medical history of your child during the admission procedure itself, for instance any ailment, allergies, diseases, etc, are to be mentioned in the admission form.
  • If your child/children have had any medical history or recent medical issue then a medical certificate needs to be submitted at the time of admission to the school's office along with other related documents from a registered medical practitioner. Only after if it is found satisfactory by the school management the admission to your child/children will be granted.
  • On line payment details are as follows :
Account Number 002701023678
IFSC Code ICIC0000027
Account Number 002701023677
IFSC Code ICIC0000027
Account Number 002701023682
IFSC Code ICIC0000027
Account Number 002701023679
IFSC Code ICIC0000027

Please note : The details of the online payment should be forwarded on

  • In case of payment of school fees by cheque, the cheque should be drawn in favour of as follows:
Pre-Primary Section Fravashi Academy- KG. Section
Primary Section Fravashi Academy-Primary Section
Secondary Section Fravashi Academy-Secondary Section
  • In case of payment of conveyance fees by cheque, the cheque should be drawn in favour of R.S.Luth Education Trust- Bus section.
  • If the cheque is dishonoured ₹ 2,000/- would be charged as penalty and the said amount of fees will be accepted only in cash, which should be paid within 10 days after the cheque is dishonoured.
  • The payment of school fees on or before the due date is mandatory. (Kindly refer to the dates given under ‘Fee Office Information' in the School Diary Page No. 4) Up to 15 days delay in the payment of the fees will be condoned upon payment of 'Late payment charges' of ₹ 2,000/-. If the delay in payment is beyond 15 days then the Management Reverses its right to take stern action. No special requests what so ever will been entertained.
  • If the fee payment due date falls before the start of an Assessment/Unit Test/Examination and the fees are not paid before the due date then the child will not be allowed to appear for the said Assessment/ Unit Test / Examination. The consequences will be faced by the parents.
  • If the fees and the fine of the late fees are not paid then on the Open House Days the answer sheets of the child/children will not be shown to the parents or the child/children and /or the report card will not be given until the dues/fees are cleared by the parents.
  • Yearly fees are applicable for the late admission also(i.e. If the child takes admission in the middle or end of any quarter)full year fees are to be paid. Bus fees however will be charged as per the actual date of admission.
  • If the child does not report to school after of the start of the academic session and there is no intimation from his/her parents / guardians related to the same and then after a few days or months an application for leaving certificate is given by the parents, though the child had not attended the school for a single day, the parents are liable to pay the fees applicable for the quarter/quarters of the academic session.
  • Fees for the 1st quarter, for students who haw been promoted to Std. I and V must be paid in April before the commencement of the next academic session. The dates for the same will be informed via a circular.
  • Please Note - Fee structure for Pre-Primary section [Nursery to HKG] / Primary section [I to IV] / Secondary Section [V to X] is different. While transferring your child from one section to another, the section transfer charges will be applicable which will not exceed ₹ 5,000/-

  • The full year fee for Std. X is to be paid in the month of April.
  • A tuition fee certificate will be issued after payment of fees for all 4 quarters on submission of a written request from the parent.
  • Due to rising inflation of all commodities the school and conveyance fees will be Increased. The school fees will rise by l2-13% every year for every class.
  • Pupils must wear the prescribed school uniform that is available in school. This induces the black sweater. Girls are allowed to wear the uniform trousers/black leggings only in winter. Salwars /tights & stockings are not allowed. The school uniform worn by the child should be the right uniform & it must be neat, clean & ironed. If not, action will be taken. In the Pre-Primary and Primary sections, the parent will have to either bring the correct & complete uniform or else take the child home. In the Secondary Section the child will be sent home.
  • If the child is unable to come to the school in a proper prescribed uniform for any reason, be it wet, soiled, torn or damaged in any way, the child should bring the damaged uniform along with a written note from the parent to be considered to attend school.
  • Belts are not compulsory. However, if required, only a black belt with a simple buckle is to be worn with the school/white uniform.
    • a) Black shoes & only plain navy blue socks are to be worn with the school uniform.
    • b) For Pre-Primary section only black-shoes & only plain white socks are to be worn with the school uniform.
  • White canvas shoes & only plain white socks are to be worn with the white uniform.
  • Black rain shoes/gunboats may be worn during the rainy season.
  • The school name badge must be worn to school daily, even on the days when the children wear civil outfits. Disfigured / broken, damaged and lost name badges have to be replaced on a payment of ₹ 100/- (procedure to be followed)
  • Students are expected to be clean in their person, dress & habits. Keeping hygiene in mind, boys are to wear white vests & girls, white slips under their school uniform. Girls should wear the correct shorts under their skirts.
  • Girls with short hair must use black hair bands or black clips to keep their hair tidy & off the Face. Girls with long hair must make two plaits & use black ribbons/ black hair bands.
  • Boys must keep their hair short and evenly cut. Sikh boys must use a black Keski. The school has its own specifications for a proper hair cut for boys. In case the hair cut is not proper or the hair is long, the parents will be called to school to take their ward for a hair cut & bring him back to school immediately.
  • Streaking/colouring of hair is not all &.Colour. Colour contact lenses/sun glasses are not to be used in school premises by students.
  • Trimming of nail is another important aspect of the child's hygiene. Ensure that the nails are trimmed at least once a week at home.
  • School does not permit students to use make up, kajal, nail polish etc. Any child found using such items will be asked to remove them.(even on birthdays)
  • Application of Mehendi is forbidden in school. If applied for whatever reason, kindly do not send the child to school, till it fades out completely. If the parents ignore this rule & send their child to school with mehendi on the hands then he/she will be sent home.
  • Wearing of ear-studs by the boys, kadas, amulets, nose ring/nose stud by both boys & girls is not permitted.
  • No expensive & over sized watches & jewellery are allowed in school. The school will not be held responsible for a lost watch or jewellery. Nursery to Std. V students are not allowed to wear any kind of wrist watch.
  • Please note that on all the special colour days, secularism day & their birthdays, when the students are allowed to come in civil outfits, they should come decently & modestly Dressed. Badges must be worn with civil outfits. They cannot come in chappals & floaters. Girls are to wear only flat shoes/sandals. Make-up & accessories are strictly not allowed.
  • Holi Festival -Throwing of colours in the school campus is strictly prohibited. In case a child reports to school with colour visible on his/her body he/she will be sent home and will have to stay at home until the colour is not visible.
  • Electronic gadgets, mobiles, I-pods, cameras etc. are strictly prohibited from being brought to school.
  • Parents are requested to note that any fancy pencil boxes, pouches, compass boxes, pens/pencils/scales, erasers etc are NOT permitted to be brought in the school by your child.
  • The student's diary MUST be brought to school daily. Children without their diary will be sent home. (Secondary Section).
  • For children in the Primary Section, wearing of black shoes and school socks on colour Days is compulsory. No make-up or fashion accessories will be allowed with civil outfits.
  • Bullying / Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished.
  • Pupils are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside school.
  • No student is allowed to leave the school campus without permission. The school will not be responsible for any mishap in such circumstances.
  • The school does not accept responsibility for loss of any property belonging to any child. Large sums of, money and valuables should not be brought to school.
  • The classrooms, corridors and school grounds should be kept clean. Dustbins are to be used.
  • Children are expected to take care of their book and not tear out the pages.
  • Use of foul language whether in English, Hindi, Marathi or any other language is not permitted.
  • It is absolutely mandatory for the student to speak in English in the school.
    • Running about and shouting in any area of the campus is not allowed.
    • Maintaining school property in the best condition is a joint responsibility of the school management, staff, students and parents. Destruction or damage to school property / infrastructure is a serious issue. Scribbling on the walls, furniture, etc. is strictly prohibited. The cost of damage will have to be borne by the parent / parents of student/students indulging in the above acts of destruction or damage.
  • Children hampering the teaching -learning process in the classroom will be sent home for that day.
  • Parents, please inculcate the values of tolerance and patience in your children. The management will be forced to take disciplinary action against physically aggressive/ abusive students.
  • The student may be rusticated from the school for ?
    • Non-payment of schools,
    • Using unfair means in any test/examination.
    • Consistent unsatisfactory progress/ conduct harmful to other students.
    • Immorality.
    • Contempt of authority and grave insubordination.
    • Stealing or extortion of money / items from other students.
    • Damaging school property.
    • Any word or action likely to undermine the reputation oft he institution.
    • Bullying, assaulting and ragging in any form.
  • Students are not expected to ride a two wheeler or drive a car when in school uniform as they are under age.
  • The school does not encourage or appreciate any inappropriate liaison between girls & boys of any age. They are taught to be civilized and respectful to each other at all times so that they emerge as caring & responsible young ladies & gentlemen. However, if any incident such as passing letters, using the internet to send indecent messages, drawing graffiti, making phone calls or sending SMS/MMS etc. is brought to the notice of the management or If any physical damage is inflicted by the student on himself/herself then Very Strict Action will be taken by the Management. In all these cases mentioned above, the Management reserves the right to expel / reprimand /suspend any student/students involved in such activities.
  • We respect religious sentiments. However we request the parents not to make fasting compulsory for the children. It has been often observed that the children who are fasting are unable to cope with the various activities planned by the school & sometime feel Giddy, drowsy & some even faint. These children cannot given First Aid too, if required. Kindly keep the child at home if you wish that he/she should fast. Please do not ask for any concessions regarding the same.
  • Circulation of slam books strictly prohibited.
  • No birthday invitations will be given to the students by the teachers / child on behalf of parents. No contact numbers or addresses of the other parents will be provided by the teacher, section office or administrative office under any circumstances.
  • On birthdays the child will distribute only Cadbury Eclairs. No other sweets / chocolates are permitted.
  • Birthday parties cannot be held during school hours especially during the recess, at the canteen, on the school premises.
  • Gift/Presents to the staff members and students are strictly forbidden.
  • No money collection is to be made at all in school for any reason. e.g. party, class party, gifts to teachers, gift to friends, etc.
  • Cycles or vehicles parked in the school are at owner’s risk. The school cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to the cycle/vehicle.
  • Photography at FA campus is neither allowed nor advised to be shared on any social networking media.
  • Attendance is compulsory on the following days.
    • First and last day of the academic year.
    • The last working day before the vacation & the re-opening day after the vacation - Diwali & Christmas vacations.
    • Flag Hoisting ceremony on Independence Day (15th August) and Republic Day (26th January). - Secondary Section
    • Please Note : if the child does not attend the school on any of the above days he/she will be charged ₹ 500/- per day's absence; proceeds of which will be devoted to a social cause.

  • Attendance at the scouts/ Guides camp is COMPULSORY.
  • Half day leave will not be sanctioned. In order to avoid any inconvenience it is better if the child is kept at home if he/she is unwell or has to attend a function. if an unwell child is sent to school and if he/she has to be sent back home during school hours due to increase in his/her illness parents will be called to take the child home.
  • Children are expected to come to school on time and leave the school premises immediately after school hours/club activities.
  • Those coming late to school in the morning will have to go back home as the gates will be shut daily at 7.50 am for Primary & Secondary and 9 am for Pre-Primary.
  • If a Child is absent for 1 or 2 days, the parent should write the reason for absence in the leave/absence record in this diary.
  • Application for leave for 3 days or more should be made in writing on the prescribed form available at the school office.
  • If a pupil is absent due to illness for two or more than two days, a Doctor's certificate should be submitted along with the leave application.
  • Pupils returning to school after a contagious illness should produce a fitness certificate from a Doctor permitting them to resume school.
  • As the school encourages many activities for children, please ensure that your child attends / participates in these & does not remain absent without serious cause on such days.
  • Club activity is an integral part of the lCSE curriculum for Stds. VI to X. Attendance for the same is compulsory, if the student is present in school on the club activity day. In case of absence for the club activity, the student would have to stay at home, the next working day.
  • Parents are advised to take note that 75% attendance is necessary for a child to be promoted at the end of the year. Repeated or long absence could result in detention in the same class.
  • If the child does not attend the school for 3 or more months without intimating the school authorities in writing the child's name will be struck off the rolls of the school and automatically a Leaving Certificate will be issued. The parents will also be liable to immediately clear the outstanding fees of the child, failing which legal action will be taken by the school.

On Saturday the library is open to Secondary Parents & students from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 pm. Primary parents can avail of library books on 2nd & 4th Friday of every month between 1.00 and 2.00 pm.

Secondary Section
  • On week days the library is open for students from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm.
  • Electroweak during the library period, students will be issued a book for the week. The book will have to be returned during the next library period & another can be issued to them (Open Access System). If the book is not returned within a weak, another book will not be issued.
  • A synopsis of one book per term must be written on a foolscap page and submitted to the librarian.
  • If the student is absent on the library period day/if it is a holiday, then the library book should be returned in the next library period and not during the recess.
  • Books should not be misused or damaged by scribbling or writing on them or tearing out pages. Books in a bad condition should not be accepted by the students but should be brought to the notice of the librarian.
  • After the books is returned to the librarian the student should ensure that it is cancelled on his/her Library card.
  • If the book is lost or badly damaged the student is required to pay the cost of the book + 30% of the cost as penalty. Kindly make sure that a receipt is issued in case of payment.
  • When using the library for reference purposes, personal story books or the books issued should not be brought to the library.
  • The students are expected to return their library books before the Terminal and Annual Examinations. If they do not do so four (4) marks will be deducted everyday from their answer paper till the date they return their library books.
Secondary Section
  • Unit tests and examinations will be as follows :
  • SSC Std. V to IX-2 Unit Tests and 2 Examinations
    Std. X- 1 Unit Test and 2 Examinations
    ICSE Std. V to VIII- 2 Unit Tests and 2 Examinations
    Std. IX&X-1 Unit Test and 2 Examinations
  • Absence from the whole examination involves a total loss of marks for Std. IX & X of SSC & ICSE Sections.
  • Absenteeism for one or more subjects is involves a total loss of marks in that subject / Subjects for Std. IX& X of SSC & ICSE Sections.
  • Please do not send a child who is unwell / ill to school. Let your child recover completely before he/she rejoins the school even during tests / assessments / examinations.
  • If the child is absent during the test / assessment / examination, the reason for the same should be submitted in writing to the Secondary section office. If the absence is due to illness, a medical certificate stating the same should be submitted along with the letter.
  • Breach of examination regulations is punishable with total loss of marks for that particular paper.
  • Practical examinations of computers will be held tentatively three weeks before any of the written papers of the Unit Tests or Examinations.
  • The result of the examination is final and cannot be reconsidered.
  • During Unit Tests and Examinations, a child defaulting in uniform, badge, shoes and diary will not be sent home but marks will be deducted from the paper held on that particular day.
Primary Section
  • There will be two Tests and two Evaluations for Stds. I to IV(ICSE) & Std lll & IV (SSC).
  • If the child Is Ill during the tests/evaluations, the Supervisor should be contacted by the parents In advance, If possible.
  • If the child is absent during the test / assessment /examination, the reason for the same should be submitted in writing to the Primary Section office. If the absence is due to illness, a medical certificate stating the same should be submitted along with the letter.
  • Please do not send a child who is unwell to school, Let the child recover completely Before he/she rejoins school. A retest is conducted for sick children.
  • 75% attendance is mandatory for all sections.
  • 40% marks for ICSE & SSC are necessary in every subject (Rules apply)
  • Bus facility cannot be discontinued until the end of the academic year. However, application for discontinuation will be considered only if the residence is shifted to an area near the school or where the school bus facility is not available. Any change in address/route should be communicated to the school office well in advance & in writing only.
  • Please make sure that your child boards & gets down at the same bus stop as specified by you. A request to change the bus stop on any particular day will not be entertained. Verbal or telephonic messages to the drivers or support staff about the change of stop will not be considered. Any such requests will be taken care of only if it is given in writing at least five working days in advance.
  • Students should reach the bus stop five minutes before the stipulated time. The bus will not wait at the stop for the student who is late.
  • Damages caused by the students to the bus will be charged.
  • Parents are requested not to hold direct conversations or send any kind of fee/any material with the bus drivers/attendant/teachers travelling in the bus at any given time. All such transactions/communication should be made in person with the administrative office at all times. These may include suggestions & complaints.
  • If your child misbehaves / shouts / manhandles another child /teacher / support staff/ driver of the bus & distracts the driver from driving, the driver will report the matter to the school authorities & you will be asked to come & take the child home.
  • Bus fees are charged for twelve months, i.e. from June to May. If the bus fees are not paid according to the schedule, a fine of ₹ 200/- (Two Hundred only) will be charged for that quarter.
  • Students will be issued a bus identity card on payment of the 1st quarter fee. This identity card is for Primary & Secondary students only. The details of Pre-Primary students will be mentioned on the school badge.
  • Bus identity card has to be carried by the student / students every day and must be produced as & when demanded by the drivers/cleaners or any office staff. In case of misplacement or damage, a duplicate card will be issue at the fee counter on payment of ₹ 50/- (Fifty Only).
  • The blood group of the child should also, be entered on the identity card.
  • A recent passport size photograph of the student should be affixed on the identity card with all the details filled in.
  • If the child misses the bus at the regular stop in the morning, parents are requested to bring the child to school on their own. The bus is NOT TO BE STOPPED BETWEEN STOPS.
  • Parents &/or children are to have NO arguments with bus drivers or cleaners.
  • Children are not to fight or use bad language while in the bus, in school or elsewhere.
  • Children are not allowed to eat inside the bus. Running/playing in the bus is not allowed. Throwing anything out of the bus in the school campus or on the roads is forbidden.
  • Children are not to board a moving bus. Once the child boards the bus with his/her bag/baggage etc. He/she has to remain in the bus. He/she can not keep his/her property in the bus & go down to play.
  • For the return trip, buses have to be boarded IN THE SCHOOL PREMISES ONLY. Buses will not stop on the road for the children to board if they miss the bus in school.
  • Parents are not allowed to stop the bus on the road & ask their child to get down. In case they want their child to go with them they should come to school to pick up the child at the time the school gets over for the respective section.
  • Please comply with these rules for the smooth functioning of the bus facility.
  • Children's achievements outside school are specially mentioned at the assembly.
  • If your child has won any prize in any competition or passed an examination outside school, it should be brought to the notice of the school authorities. This can be done by filling up the Activity Record form. Activity Record forms are available in the library of the Pre-Primary and Secondary sections /office of the Primary section.
  • These forms along with the certificate / prize/ medal /trophy should be submitted to the class teacher for the Pre-Primary and Primary sections and to the librarian for the Secondary Section Immediately. The prize/medal/trophy must be labelled for identification. Please do not send cash / cheques.
  • Your child will get the honour of receiving it at the assembly. It is important that the forms are filled in completely by the parents and signed by them, only then will the announcement be made at the assembly.
  • Certificates of participation will not be announced.
  • Please follow the rules in this dairy to ensure the well-being of your child.
  • Any notices / remarks in the diary / report cards / class tests should receive your prompt attention and signature, if necessary.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline by seeing that their wards prepare their lessons and strictly observe the rules and regulations.
  • Parents are also advised to speak respectfully to the team members of Fravashi Academy. The school authorities will be happy to oblige and promptly address any grievance faced by you.
  • Change of division, changed of Boards ICSE to SSC / SSC to ICSE & changed 3rd Language- French/Sanskrit/German (composite) to Hindi (full) in Stds. VIII, IX & X of SSC Board, during the academic year will not be permitted.
  • Parents are requested to take an active interest in the activities of their children in the school & at home.
  • Please spend quality time with your child daily. Encourage his/ her hobbies and interests. Discourage activities on social networking media.
  • Encourage your child to be independent and responsible.
  • Values are to be practised in daily living.
  • Parents are strictly forbidden from meeting and speaking to their child /children or any other child / children during the recess without written permission from the Principals/ Supervisors.
  • Children are to bring in their own tiffins with them in the morning. If this is not possible, a labelled tiffin must be left at the Security Cabin.(Parents to keep their ward informed about the same) For the Primary children, the tiffins will be collected by our support staff and will be handed over to the children in their classes. Please see that the tiffins are left at the security cabin before 10.15 am. Secondary children are to collect their tiffins from the security cabin during the recess, i.e. at 10.20 am. Please send the tiffin in time.
  • In the event of your child having a problem with another child in the school, please bring the matter to the notice of the teachers of the respective sections or the Principals / Supervisors of the section. Please do not try to handle the matter yourself.
  • Parents of the children studying in Primary and Secondary Section are not permitted to accompany their child to the classroom in the morning or collect the child from the Classroom after school. They must wait at the school gate.
  • On Open House days, examinations / test papers will be shown only to the parents. If parents are unable to attend, a letter of authority signed by the parents should be sent with the person deputed to see the papers.
  • Loss of this diary is to be reported in writing to the Principals / Supervisors, through the Class teacher. A new diary can be brought on payment of ₹ 100/- (₹ One Hundred Only) with the written permission of the Principals /Supervisors.
  • Please inform the school authorities in writing if the local guardian is someone other than the parents.
  • Please inform the school authorities in writing if your child has a medical problem. Please attach a medical certificate.
  • Only school notebooks, covers and labels are to be used throughout the year.
  • Primary section should use the stationery recommended by the school.
  • If notifications / updates / information sent by the school through circulars / SMS are not read properly by the parents, school will not be responsible for the same.
  • A fine will be charged in case of loss of the Student Leader badges.
  • Parent / parents / any family member / any family friends are requested to be modestly dressed when visiting the school to avoid the embarrassment of being requested to leave the premises if the dress is found unsuitable to the school ethos.
  • Costumes for the Parent’s Day Programme will have to be paid for, by the parents as and when they are intimated by the school authorities.
  • Chewing of gutka, tobacco, pan, smoking &consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited in the school premises.
  • After consumption of alcohol, entry into the school premises is strictly prohibited.
  • In case there is an emergency and your child is required to go back home, parents are requested to send a letter of authority stating the reason and the relationship between the child and the person deputed to collect the child. This rule is applicable to the defaulters too who are sent home from school.
  • On the days you are expected to come to school for any reason, you are requested to park your vehicle systematically and to follow instructions given by the school security to avoid traffic congestion on the road. You are also expected to follow the traffic rules & not ride/ drive on the wrong side/in the wrong direction of the road.
  • Parents are requested to maintain the speed limit of 20 km/hr. while driving inside the campus at any given time to maintain the safety of staff and children.
  • In case of any mishap in the school, the school authorities if required will take the ward to the nearest hospital for immediate medical care. The expenses will have to be borne by the parents/guardian. The school should not be held responsible for the same.
  • The school strongly disapproves of group discussion amongst parents, in the school premises and in the parking outside the school gate. Any issue related to your ward or for any other issue the school authority will hold a discussion on a one to one basis with the Parent.

  • No photography/video recording will be permitted in the academic block or any part of FA on any regular working/non-working day.
  • All the Parents are privileged members of the Parent-Teacher Association. As such, any parent is welcome to approach the Principals / Supervisors / Management at the prescribed timing to discuss problem sand their solutions.
  • Parents must attend the Parent-Teacher Association meeting, Open House and Open Forum held from time to time to discuss their child's progress (Please check the Student's diary for the dates).

Every student should endeavour to keep the high standard and good name of the school by excelling in fine manners and virtuous conduct.

Parents are expected to extend 100% co-operation to achieve the same.

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