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Junior College

June 16
2nd Thursday to
9th Thursday
Unit Test (XII ) - Marks 50 – I Paper a day
18th Saturday Open House for Unit Test – (XII) Timing :9.15 am to 10.15 am.
27th Monday Jr. College Starts for Std XI - (Tentative)
29th Wednesday Submission: EVS Project (XII) TERM – 1
July 16
4th Monday Welcome Function (XI) (Tentative)
5th Tuesday Orientation for Students (XI)
6th Wednesday Holiday- Ramzan – Id
7th Thursday Orientation for Parents (XI)
7th Thursday to
8th Friday
I - card Photographs of the students (XI & New Std – XII)
22nd Friday Calligraphy & Handwriting Competition.
25th Monday to
28th Thursday
Tutorial – I (XI) Marks 10 &
Tutorial – II (XII) Marks – 20
2 papers a day for both the tutorials
August 16
8th Monday Flower Arrangement Competition.
9th Tuesday Open House for Tutorial - I (XI) & Tutorial - II (XII) Timings :9 .15 am to 10.1 5 am
15th Monday Independence Day: Flag hoisting ceremony.
Attendance is Compulsory
17th Wednesday Pateti – Parsi New Year – Holiday
18th Thursday Raksha Bandhan – Holiday
22nd Monday Class Photograph - Std (XI)
22nd Monday to
25th Thursday
Tutorial – II (XI) Marks 15
Tutorial  - III (XII) Marks 20
2-Papers a Day
26th Friday Submission: CD's for Dance Competition. (mp3 format]
September 16
3rd Saturday Open House for Tutorial – II (XI) &
Tutorial - III (XII)
Timings :9 .15 am to 10.1 5 am
5th Monday Holiday – Ganesh Chaturdashi
6th Tuesday Submission of Journals files by the students (XII) -Term -1.
Submission: EVS Project (XI) -Term - 1.
9th Friday Dance Competition
12th Monday Holiday Bakri -Id
13th Tuesday Formulae Test - 1 - Std (XII)
Submission of Journals / files by the students (XI)
15th Thursday Holiday - Anant  Caturdashi
19th Monday to
27th Tuesday
Term  End (XI -50 mark) (XII -70m/80  mark) 1 paper  a day
27th Tuesday Normal Working Day
October 16
2nd Sunday Holiday - Gandhi Jayanti
4th Tuesday Quiz Competition
5th Wednesday Open House  for Term End - (XI & XII)
Timings: 9.15 am to 10.1 5 am
11th Tuesday Holiday – Dassera
12th Wednesday Holiday – Moharrum
19th Wednesday Dress Rehearsal (Evening)
21st Friday Parents' Day (Annual Function).
22nd Saturday Last working day for 1st term
Sunday 23rd October, 2016 to
Sunday 6th November, 2016
 Diwali Vacation
November 16
7th Monday College Reopens
8th Tuesday Submission: EVS Project  (XII) -Term - 2.
9th Wednesday Submission of Journals/flles/Project by the students. Std – XII -Term - 2
14th Monday Holiday - Gum Nanak Jayanti
21st Monday Formulae Test- 2 - Std (XII)
22nd Tuesday to
28th Monday
Practical/ Oral Exam -Pre-Board - l (XII) – 1 Paper a day
Collection of files/journals from the students on the Pr. Exam day.
Tuesday 29th November, 2016 to
Tuesday 13th December, 2016
Pro-Board - I (XII) 1 – paper a day.
December 16
5th Monday to
8th Thursday
Tutorial – III (XI) Marks - 10; 2 papers a day.
12th Monday Holiday- Id-Milad
15th Thursday Open House For  Tutorial - Ill (XI) Timings: 9.1 5 am to 10.1 5 am.
21st Wednesday Open House for P. Board – I (XII) Timings: 9.1 5 am to 10.1 5 am
Students to receive the files/journals, etc. After certification (Std – XII)
22nd Thursday Error Rectification Period (Pre Board I- XII) – 2 Subjects a day
Sunday 25th December, 2016 to
Sunday 1st January, 2017
Christmas Vacation
January 17
2nd Monday College Reopens
2nd Monday to
5th Thursday
Tutorial  IV(XI) 2 – Papers a Day
2nd Monday to
13th Friday
Pre Board II (XII) 1 – Papers a Day
7th Saturday Submission: EVS Project (XI) -Term - 2.
13th Friday Open House For  Tutorial  - IV(XI) Timings: 9.1 5 am to 10.1 5 am.
14th Saturday Holiday- Makar Sankranti
26th Thursday Republic Day: Flag hoisting ceremony.
Attendance is compulsory.
February 17
1st Wednesday Submission of Journals files by the students (XI) -Term -2.
Wednesday 15th February, 2017 to
Saturday 4th March, 2017
Annual Examination (XI) 1 – Paper a Day.
(100 = 70+30/80+20) Marks.
19th Sunday Just a Minute Competition
19th Sunday Holiday – Shivaji Jayanti
20th Monday Open House for Pre Board-II (Xll)
23rd Thursday Farewell function (XII) Holiday for Std-XI,
March 17
10th Friday Result  Declaration (XI) Open House. Timings: 1030am to 1 1.30am
Sale of Books for Std -XII.
11th Saturday Sale of Books for Std -XII.
13th Monday Holiday – Dhulivandan
14th Tuesday New Academic Session (XII): 2017 -2018
17th Friday Holiday – Rang Panchmi
21st Tuesday Investiture Ceremony.
Orientation Program for Students (XII)
23rd Thursday Orientation Program for Parent's (XII)
28th Tuesday Holiday – Gudipadwa
April 17
9th Sunday Holiday – Mahavir Jayanti
10th Monday Class Photograph - Std (XII)
10th Monday to
13th Thursday
Tutorial – I (XII) Marks20; 2 Paper a day
14th Friday Holiday – Ambedkar Jayanti
Holiday - Good Friday
20th Thursday Open House for Tutorial - 1 (XII) Timings: 9.15 am to 10:15 am
May 17
1st Monday Last working day for the students.
2nd Tuesday to
31st Wednesday
Summer Vacation


    • In case of emergencies the dates may change. Therefore check up for the final dates & time from the Jr. College office
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