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Chairman's Message

Dear Children,

According to me, education is of 2 kinds. One that helps children make a living and one that makes their life.

We must make children realize that what and how they read is very important. The youth of the country are the leaders of tomorrow. We must protect the future of the nation that depends on their knowledge, skills and above all their character. We cannot prepare the future of your youth but we can certainly prepare our youth for the future. It is no doubt important for children to get education and academic training but values that we teach our children are more important for real success. The youth today need guidance, for, left directionless, their youth becomes a blunder, their adulthood a struggle and their old age a regret. It is our duty towards society to make a child a valuable member of the society.

The entire foundation of the school rests on 4 pillars. i.e. Management, Teachers, Parents and Children. A sound relationship among these pillars is very important. These are mainly trust relationships like a bank account. The more trust we deposit the larger they become and the more we can draw from them. We must work hand in hand.

It is very rightly said, "The highest reward for a persons work is not what he / she gets for it, but what he / she becomes by it." With the strong association parents and our school, I have no doubt that each student of Fravashi Fraternity will be rewarded for his / her achievement as a true global citizen.

Ratan Luth
Opp. Police Training Centre, Trimbak Road, Nashik 422002. +91-253-2570900