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The Campus

The school is spread over an adequate area of land with four blocks namely the Administrative Block, the Pre- Primary Paradise, Blocks for Primary and Secondary, the Multipurpose Hall and the Activity Space. Adequate security, landscaping around a huge playground, paved walkways, and clean premises are the first impressions of Fravashi Academy. The Campus is bright and colorful, with lush green lawns and hedging. It has a rabbitry and an aviary in front of the entrance


The Administrative Block

This consists of cabins for the Chairman, Vice-Chairperson, Managing Trustee and a fully computerized fee and management office and a spacious lobby for parents and visitors. It is gaining momentum as now it is used on a larger scale


Institutional Building

The Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary with Higher Secondary sections are housed in separate blocks. These blocks have spacious and airy classrooms. The library, the laboratories, the computer lab, the audio visual room, the music room are also housed here. This makes the blocks self contained units. An entire new floor was constructed only for the Junior College in the year 2011-12


Computer Lab

Keeping abreast with the latest global information technology, the institution has a huge computer lab, with a computer for every single student of the class. The computer center is well equipped and updated with the latest hardware and software, managed by competent staff of NIIT.


Audio Visual Room

The institution has an air-conditioned and sound proof hall with the latest modern technology where students view video cassettes and CD’s and listen to audio tapes. Many of these programmes are textbook oriented and others provide supplementary assistance.



A library forms a vital part of the system of education. Students quest for knowledge is satisfied by the school library as it houses thousands of carefully selected titles, reference material, periodicals, charts, maps and audio- visual aids including Linguaphone kits. It not only supports the learning process but also complements class room studies.


Science Laboratory

The institution is proud of its well equipped state-of-art science laboratory for physics, chemistry and biology, with all safety equipments installed. The children get hands on experience, which complements the theory.


The Canteen

It is an extremely clean block, which sells healthy, wholesome and hygienically prepared food to the students during the recess on school working days.



The school has a fleet of thirteen buses that ply to all parts of the city transporting our students to school and back home.



The school is protected by Professional Security Service Agencies round the clock. It ensures that the students are safe and protected. Unsavory elements and unwanted visitors are deterred from entering the school premises.



Fravashi Academy has a state-of-the-art, air conditioned hall, which serves as a centre for the ICSE Board Exams. The Hall has a capacity to accommodate around 600 people. It is equipped with an efficient acoustics system, and provision for Audio - Visual Presentation. The facilities make it ideal for the ICSE Hall to be used for seminars, meetings and conferences



Fravashi Academy boasts of a well structured playground where students hone their athletic skills through various sporting events conducted in the school. The ground has a basketball court at one end, a volleyball court at the centre and kho-kho ground at the other end. The ground is flanked by tall, lush trees, which provide fresh air and soothe the eyes.


Skating Ring

The school also has a skating Rink measuring 20 x 20 meters. Children who pursue skating are able to build on their endurance power and muscle strength. The rink has bars all around it, to be used as support for beginners.



In the evening, Gymnastic classes are conducted in the school. Equipments like foam mats, Pommel Horse, Still Ring, Vaulting Tables, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bars are available for the students to engage in the different disciplines of Gymnastics.


Play Area

Play is an essential part of early childhood. It helps the young child to develop his mind and body. Play contributes to physical development of the child by exercising his / her body and toning up the muscles and letting of super flows energy. In Fravashi Academy it is indeed a paradise created for the Pre-Primary children called “PRE-PRIMARY PARADISE.” The children are provided with play areas of Nursery and the other for the Lower KG and Higher KG. For the Nursery children soft toys, tricycles, sea-saws and block play are provided which not only develops their finer motor skills but also improves their socializing skills when they play together. For the children who are slightly grown up (Lower KG and Higher KG) a play area is created on the ground floor which is equipped with a huge slide, jungle gym, swings, merry-go-round and monkey-bars. Safety norms are maintained to the highest level. Sand play is also introduced as it lends itself to be manipulated, molded and smoothed most of the indoor play activities are taken care of in the library. Educational games like Jig-saw puzzles, Lacing, threading beads, block- building etc. are introduced to the tiny tots to build up their reasoning skill and finer motor skills too. It is truly said that play develops the child socially, emotionally and cognitively.

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