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The focus of education system in Fravashi Academy is to train students to become autonomous learners. This is where self discipline plays a very important role. Discipline is given utmost importance in the teaching-learning process in Fravashi Academy.

  • We expect students to adhere to the timings of the school/college. No excuses for late coming will be entertained.
    • If the child is late, kindly keep him/her at home for the day.
  • Half day leave will not be sanctioned. In the Junior College, daily attendance is compulsory.
  • Proper uniform is a must. Name badge, prescribed shoes and socks are a part of the uniform and must be worn daily. In the Primary Section, the white PT uniform is a must on M.P.T. days. The secondary section students will wear the white uniform as follows
    • Stds. V to X, on the days the class has Games on the Time Table.
    • Kindly keep the correct uniform ready on the day prior.
    • Primary section
      • If the child is wearing the wrong uniform, the parents will have to bring in the correct uniform to school. Only then, will the child be sent to the class.
    • Secondary Section and Junior College – The child will be send home, if dressed in the wrong / incomplete uniform.
    • The school uniform should not be worn after school hours for any extra classes.
  • Keeping hygiene in mind, boys are supposed to wear vests and girls slips, under their school shirts. Girls should wear the correct shorts under the skirts.
  • For girls, long hair must be plaited and if the hair is shorter than shoulder length, black hair band or black clips must be used to keep the hair tidy. Boys must have a short haircut while Sikh boys must use a black keski. Streaking / colouring hair is not allowed.
    • Boys will be send home for a hair-cut if their hair has grown long.
  • Wearing of ear studs for boys, kadas, amulets, nose rings and fancy watches is not permitted. (In the primary section, children are not allowed to wear any kind of wrist watch.) We have deep respect for all religions but the school/college is a place of LEARNING.
    • Any child found wearing any of the above mentioned items, will have to deposit the same in the respective section office. The item can be collected by the parent.
  • Application of Mehendi if forbidden in the school / college.
    • If applied, due to any reason, kindly do not send your child to school/college till it fades out completely.
  • Children should be clean in person, dress and habits.
      Carrying a clean handkerchief daily, is a must.
  • Being a reputed English Medium School, we insist that our students speak only in English.
  • Running about and shouting inside the school campus and destruction of personal and school property is forbidden. Scribbling on the walls and furniture is not allowed.
    • Disciplinary action will be taken by the management.
  • We expect full co-operation from our students while the teaching-learning process is on in the classroom.
    • Children hampering the same, will be sent home for that day.
  • Inculcate the values of tolerance and patience in the children.
    • The management will be forced to takee disciplinary action, in case of physically aggressive / abusive children.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from bringing electronic gadgets, valuables or mobiles to school / college. Kindly use the school landline numbers given in the diary in case of an emergency.
    • If any of these items are found with the children, the same will be taken into the school custody.
  • If a parent is not coming to pick up the child / for the Open House; a letter of authority is a must with the person coming for the same.
  • Children in the Primary Section must strictly use the Faber Castell / Camlin ROUNDED tip scissors ONLY. These are to be send in a separate pouch only on the days prescribed by the teacher.
    • Wrong scissors will be confiscated.
  • In the Secondary section, the use of the Geometry box is a necessity. Care should be taken while using the instruments to avoid accidents of any kind. Also, please note that submission of the projects, journals, etc. is mandatory on / before the prescribed date.
    • Failing to do so, the student will not be allowed to appear for the VIVAs.
  • College students using 2 wheelers should carry their license with them. Kindly start early for the college to reach it on time, without exceeding the speed limit.
  • We respect your religious sentiments. However, we request the parents not to make fasting compulsory for the children. It has been often observed that the fasting children are unable to cope up with the various activities planned in the school and feel giddy, drowsy and even faint at times. These children cannot be given any kind of first aid (like salt-sugar water, glucose, etc.), if required.
    • Kindly keep the children at home if you wish that you child fasts. Please do not ask for any concessions for children who are fasting.
  • On days when you are expected to come to school for any reason, in spite of repeated instructions by the Security, your vehicles are parked haphazardly. Parents, we are sophisticated and educated class of the society who understand our civil duties.
    • Please park your vehicles systematically to avoid hindrances caused to traffic and other parents.
A sincere request to you, dear parents.

You, are the role models for the young minds. Kindly adhere to all traffic rules and regulations. Do not travel in the wrong direction, when dropping/picking your child from school and elsewhere.

Let’s work together to make our children 'First Class' global citizens.

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